Make sure your denture dentist understands your aesthetic goals!

Far too often dentists don’t think about aesthetics when making dentures.  I constantly hear the phrase ‘anything is better than nothing’ from my colleagues and this isn’t always true.   At McCall Dentures we think differently.   Cheap, poorly made dentures always look fake and unattractive; they don’t hold their appearance for very long, stain easily, wear down, and become broke.

Our teeth are custom selected for every case.   We pick them with your input and try to make them look as natural and as realistic as possible  When you purchase a cheaper denture at a larger chain you may be getting the same teeth as everyone else who bought your type of denture.  At McCall Dentures we are aiming to customize your smile as much as you want.   If you want the most aesthetic, natural, long lasting dentures it’s important that you tell your dentist what you want.   Here are a few tips to help you convey that message to us!

Bring a picture

Bring a Picture

The easiest way to communicate with your dentist your wishes is to bring a picture of your natural teeth.   If you’ve had dentures before and had an attractive smile, bring a picture of the previous dentures.  If you liked your natural teeth and want to restore your smile to a more youthful look, bring us a picture and we’ll match it.   Occasionally patients will bring in a picture of a celebrity or a model – we can try to match this as well but typically prefer matching the patients natural teeth.   If you want the whitest shade possible and are 92 years old, we will respect your cosmetic goals and give you the teeth that you want!


Tell us if you dislike something

We are only concerned with what you want out of your dentures.   Dentists can’t read minds so it’s important that you let us know if you dislike something about your old dentures or your natural teeth.   The sooner during the process, the better.   If you feel like we don’t understand your cosmetic goal, lets address it at the initial appointment.

Your denture dentist is an expert at making attractive dentures, but you’re the only expert when it comes to what you want. And, unfortunately, dentists aren’t telepathic, so they won’t know what makes you happy unless you tell them.  During your wax try in appointment – if you don’t like something about the dentures, bring it up.   Don’t be scared.   You won’t offend us.   We want to make a denture that you like and wear ever day.  Not something disappointing that sits on your nightstand.   Help us help you 🙂


Facial aesthetics are important!

Dentures aren’t just a replacement for teeth they can shape your face and make a huge difference in your overall health.   Poorly made, same day dentures often have a negative effect on your morphology and your facial appearance.   We want you to have an attractive profile and for you to be happy with those results.


Get the best dentures available

If you’re getting new dentures it’s important that you love the appearance.   We want to do our part to make sure you love the dentures you receive so feel free to fill out the form below to discuss your options.


McCall Dentures offers affordable dental implants tooth extractions and partial dentures to patients from all over Indiana.   We see patients from Fort Wayne, Kokomo, Gary, Lebanon, West Lafayette, Terre Haute, Bloomington, Richmond, New Castle, Marion, Anderson, Bedford, Seymour, Columbus, Indianapolis, Danville Illinois, and western Ohio.



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