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Over the last ten years we’ve made a lot of dentures – along the way we have learned a few things.    Here are our top five things that help the staff at McCall Dentures make better dentures for you at our Indianapolis, Lebanon, and Kokomo locations.



Take good impressions

It seems basic but taking a good first impression really does make the denture process better.   Typically we use alginate material to take your first impression.  It is crushed up seaweed, but we don’t recommend sampling it 🙂   We then make you a wax rim and use your wax rim (base-plate) as a secondary tray, allowing us to another more detailed impression of your gums.    This ensures the best fit possible, without sore spots.


Get a good bite

The wax rim appointment may be the most critical step in the denture process.   At this appointment we will use large pieces of wax attached to hard base-plate material to take measurements and determine the size and position of your denture teeth.   This appointment usually takes five minutes and

Try the teeth in

At your third visit we try the teeth in your mouth – set in wax – so that we can make any changes.  Typically this appointment looks perfect and we process the denture following it, but occasionally we will have to a second try in to make sure the aesthetics of your dentures are to your exact liking.   We don’t want to make a denture you’re not going to wear, so this visit makes sure that the teeth will look good and that you’ll love them when we’re finished.   We do try ins for all three levels of our dentures and our technicians are extremely detail oriented!

Smooth Delivery

When we finish and deliver your dentures we want the process to go smoothly and take only a few minutes of your time.    Along the way we check ourselves at every step to make sure that when we deliver your new dentures there are no surprises.


Adjustments ASAP

After we deliver your dentures you may experience minor sore spots or slight issues in adjusting to the new teeth.  We try to get you in 3 days after your delivery to make sure that we tackle any sore spots before they become big issues.   For immediate dentures where multiple teeth are extracted we will typically adjust the dentures for 2-4 weeks and then place a soft lining materiel that helps with fit and suction.   Don’t hesitate to tell us about any irritations or problems, we’re here to help.

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Yours in better dentures,

Dr. McCall


At McCall Dentures we see patients for dentures dental implants oral surgery tooth extraction tooth pain fixed dentures from Marion, Anderson, Richmond, Columbus, Bedford, Bloomington, Terre Haute, Kokomo, Fort Wayne, South Bend, Indianapolis, Lebanon, West Lafayette, Gary, Danville, and Greenwood Indiana.   Our dentist also does wisdom teeth near you and our are dentures are always affordable.   We do teeth whitening, dental implants, tooth fillings both white and metal, crowns, bridges, emergency dental care, and work with most dental plans.


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