As Indianapolis’ dental implant and cosmetic dentistry professionals, our staff’s entire focus is always keenly aimed on helping our patients attain that beautiful smile they’ve been wanting. When you’re faced with a less than attractive smile every morning in the mirror it can have an effect on how you see yourself. This is often simply a reflection of how our culture views a healthy and attractive smile. And we want to change that.   We understand the feeling and don’t want you to hide from others. Your smile leaves a quick and indelible impression on those around you. It can help you make friends, attract a mate or land you a job. An attractive smile can truly change your life.

Several studies all show that people in the United States are quick to make various judgments all based on what your smile looks like. One study, conducted by Kelton Research, showed that Americans believe those with straight teeth to be more intelligent and successful. That they are likely to have more friends and a more active romantic life. Three out of four Americans said they are more likely to trust someone with straight teeth and a beautiful smile. People also attached descriptions like “happy” “healthy” and “smart” to those folks they believed to have an attractive smile. Three out of five of us even claimed to desire good teeth over clear skin. Improve how others really see you by improving your smile with dentures, dental implants or other cosmetic dentistry by McCall Dentures in Indianapolis, Lebanon, or Kokomo.

Schedule your free consultation today and lets discuss your cosmetic goals for the new year and the future.   I look forward to meeting you.

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Ryan McCall

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