Immediate vs. Replacement Dentures

What is right for you?

There are two forms of dentures.

Immediate Dentures:

Immediate dentures are made before your natural teeth are extracted and are inserted the same day as your surgery.  We do our best to make sure the relationship of your jaw, positioning and size of the teeth are as close to your natural teeth as possible.   In very rare, extremely difficult cases a new denture is required.

We recommend leaving the dentures in following surgery for 24 hours.   DO NOT remove the dentures, it can make re insertion very difficult – your gum tissue will be sowlen.   Start with a soft diet and and then gradually work up to things like fish, chicken, and steamed vegetables.  Typically you will be given antibiotics and a pain medication following your surgery so some type of probiotic – like yogurt — is resommended.

Immediate dentures are the soltuion for anyone needing all their teeth removed and dentures placed the same day.


Replacement or Post-Immediate Dentures:

These dentures are fabricated anywhere between 6 weeks after your natural teeth are extracted, or replace existing full dentures. Post Immediate dentures allow our lab to construct your dentures with more accuracy in the fit, function and aesthetics . We offer a wax try in so you get to see the dentures before they are processed in acrylic. You literally can try them before you buy them 🙂

Post Immediate and Replacement dentures take some getting used to.   We always tell patients that using a prosthetic leg or arm would take time getting used to – so the same mindset needs to be used with dentures.   It’s going to take a while, but we’ll guide you through the process.    If you need replacement, post immediate, or immediate dentures contact us today and lets talk about your denture options.

Yours in better dentures,


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