Denture tips for new patients:


Getting your first set of dentures can be a life altering experience – for the best! If you’ve deceived to replace missing or decayed teeth with dentures then you’re well on your way to smiling and eating again.

Enjoy normal foods again

Here’s a crash course on the process of getting dentures. Now you’ll know what to expect and what to discuss with me at your dental appointments.

Getting your treatment plan

Once we have decided that removable dentures are your best option (instead of possible dental implants) the fun begins. Once our teeth have been removed we will take a impression of your jaw and soft tissue and use wax to determine where the teeth should be placed and positioned. A wax model is then created so we can test the function and the fit.

Color and Material

During the planning process we will pick out the color and the material with you. The denture base is made from acrylic and can be colored to match your gums. Most denture teeth are made out of plastic. Occasionally patients will request processing teeth (especially if they have had them in the last) and we are happy to order those as well.

Getting used to your dentures

Just like any change in your mouth dentures can and will feel weird at first. It will take a few weeks to get used to them and speaking and eating will be different. It’s also normal to experience soreness in your mouth as you get used to your dentures. If soreness persists, you should call us as this may be a sign that the fit of your dentures needs to be adjusted slightly more.

Cleaning your dentures

Contrary to popular belief, toothpaste is actually harmful to dentures. It can scratch or abrade the acrylic so we recommend dial dish soap. Hand soap, mild dish soap, or denture cleaner is the best choice for dentures. You should rinse your dentures after each meal and be sure to brush them with a soft bristled brush and soap daily.

To discuss your denture options contact us today and fill out the form below. We can’t wait to meet you.




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