Why is tooth pain so intense?

tooth pain

Dental emergencies typically require immediate attention and dentists in private practice know all too well about intense pain.  Patients regularly call our offices with severe pain, but have have been aware of the tooth related issue for quite sometime.

Source: Do you have a cracked tooth? 

Immediate action (I CAN’T TAKE THIS PAIN ANYMORE!) requires immediate intervention and our office staff will work tirelessly (juggling the schedule) to make sure that I’m available and you can be seen the same day.

If you are familiar with the sudden jolt of biting into something unexpectedly hard, or the piercing pain when chewing ice, drinking cold water, or taking in a mouthful of ice cream then it’s time to give us a call

If you require sedation dentistry, thankfully we offer multiple options.

Did you know?!?

Teeth do not respond to trauma the same way other parts of your body do.  When you stub a toe, the inflammatory/healing process is mitigated by a robust supply of blood.    Over time, the swelling and inflammation will recede thanks in large part to the circulation.

Conversely, if your tooth trauma is due to physical damage, decay, or gum disease, then your tooth’s circulatory system is not flexible and unable to repair the threat.   This leads to cellular death, necrosis of the pulp tissue, and eventual abscess formation.   (Pus)  Often we give patients antibiotics and/or a steroid (medrol dose pack) for a week before removing the tooth or initiating root canal therapy for a crown or bridge.

FAQ’s on Dental Pain

The majority of questions we receive about pain are “what should I do?” Of course the answer is to call us (317-596-9700) or fill out a form on our website.  If swelling is severe and begins to block your airway, go directly to the Emergency Room – where they will most likely give you IV antibiotics to relieve the swelling.

Emergency relief of tooth pain is VERY similar to first aid, and definitive care (root canal therapy, dental implant, crown, extraction, etc.) can be deferred until after the immediate crisis is alleviated and treatment can be performed in a comfortable, NUMB setting.

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