Wax Rims and Record Bases

Wax rims and record bases are used to record the postural position of your lower jaw in relation to your upper jaw. This helps us select and arrange your denture teeth in the correct relationship and maximizes function and aesthetics.

What is a wax rim?!?

Properly contoured wax rims are used as an aid in developing the perfect shape of your lips and cheeks.  They will fill big and bulky, but the rims help us establish your ‘plane of occlusion’ and  we use them to determine the ideal position position for your denture teeth.

What is a baseplate?

A baseplate is a rigid material that should be strong 💪 and not rock in your 👄.  It supports the wax that is used to develop your plane of occlusion.   If the baseplate is loose we will take a secondary impression in the baseplate using a fast setting vinyl putty material.  This makes sure that your dentures will fit great and have very little movement.

The borders of the baseplate are smoothed, rounded, and then polished to maximize comfort for your wax try-in appointment.

The “S” position

The S sound helps us determine the position of your teeth. With the wax and baseplate in your mouth we will have you repeat ‘s’ words and then count from sixty to seventy.   A proper S position will prevent air from passing between your teeth and keep you from slurring your words.

Selecting teeth

Wax rims and the shape of your jaw bone help us select the shape and size of your denture teeth. If you have any specific request or a old picture that you love, please don’t hesitate to tell us! We want your teeth to be perfect and can use them for your wax-try in👌

🦊 Fox Plane and Face Bows

Occasionally we use a Fox place (a dental tool that is placed on the rims) and a face bow to make sure that your bite and plane of occlusion is perfectly mounted on our articulators (the tool used to hold your stone dental models together). If the wax rim is not correctly contoured we will alter it in the lab until it is perfect 🔬.

Marking the rims ✏️

The center of your face and the corners of your mouth are marked on the rims as well as the expected position for your ‘eyeteeth’ or canines. These markings are then used to measure the space available for your smile and allow us to select appropriate teeth for your facial type and body style.

Taking your bite 🍴

After everything is perfect we will use a soft blue putty material to take a impression of your bite (This is used to capture the area between the wax rims). This usually takes about two minutes of chair time and when it’s perfect we will use very little bite registration material!

Wax rims and baseplates are a crucial step in the fabrication of your dentures and take very little time, so we enjoy doing them!

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your denture options with Dr. McCall please fill out the form below!

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