Full Dentures: What to Expect


It can be overwhelming when you hear that you need full dentures. You probably aren’t sure what to expect from your dentist, and that’s understandable.  Rest assured, at McCall Dentures our staff take pride in creating a warm, friendly environment paired with a gentle, professional approach to dentistry.  We strive to be the top rated dentist in Indiana, and our sole purpose is to help our patients achieve optimal dental health.

How long do full dentures last?

We take advantage of an in-office laboratory and use only the highest-quality material to craft exceptional full dentures.  With this in mind, dentures on average last anywhere from 7-10 years.  If you have insurance, your insurance will typically pay for new dentures ever 5 years!

Based on material used, jaw changes, and our patient’s personal oral hygiene care and history, denture lifespans can vary, but we hope they will all last 10+ years.

We make it a priority for our patients to get the most out of their dentures, regardless of the cost.


How do full dentures stay in place?

Lower dentures will move around in your mouth when you eat and chew, but should be comfortable and be worn with out sore spots. Using dental implants, we can attach the dentures to the implants and keep them in your mouth, which prevents your tongue and cheek muscles from tossing the denture around.

Whether the dentures are attached to your jaw bone or secured with dental implants, you will find the ability to chew or speak relatively normal, when compared to lower dentures without implants.  Implants can also be used on your upper dentures! With four implants, we can eliminate the majority of the denture palate, exposing many taste buds and removing the bulk of the denture.

How to clean full dentures?

Although dentures may seem straightforward to maintain, there are a collection of dos and don’ts to keep your oral health optimal in previous blog posts:

If you have any questions about taking care of your dentures, give your Indianapolis, Lebanon, or Kokomo dentist a call.

What are dentures made of?

Depending on your oral needs, dentures can be made of various high-quality materials. Our staff uses the strongest acrylic on the market to shape and craft custom full dentures for our patients, and we use lifelike, beautiful denture teeth on all cases.

If you’re in need of partial dentures, the material used may include cast metal or nylon.

DSC_0551_14925 (1)

How will my dentures look?

At McCall Dentures we work hard to craft the perfect set of dentures for each and every patient. Alongside craft, we guarantee that you will receive only the best when it comes to matching your gums and other aesthetics of your oral health.

We will provide you with a set of dentures with pearly white teeth, so you can smile, speak, laugh, and chew with full confidence.

Give us a call and get your smile back. Call McCall dentures.

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