5 Qualities of a Good Dentures Dentist


Most dentists dislike doing dentures

We love them

Here is a list of the top 5 qualities that help us make your denture experience perfect.

1. We’re Good at Storytelling

Telling a story helps us relate to our patients and establishes a common connection early on during the denture process.   This builds trust, and breaks down the barrier of fear, as we attempt to treat our patients like family members.

If you haven’t heard my jokes about gold denture teeth, or the story about my very first denture patient in Chicago, then you need to stop by one of our locations or fill out the form below!


2. We are Sincere

We want to build long lasting relationships at McCall Dentures and our sincerity is noticeable even at your first appointment.   We truly care about your long term health.

3. We are Driven

Good is never enough.  We strive to be the best and stand out from the rest.   All of our denture technicians are wonderful, detail oriented, and caring individuals.   These traits allow us to make some of the nicest dentures in the Hoosier State!

4. We are Humble and Open Minded

Styaing humble and being open minded is the key to any denture experience.   Most of our patients dislike the dentist and are unhappy with their existing dentures or natural teeth.   We want to change that.


5.  We Know Our Patients and Listen!


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