Challenges to Expect with a Healing Denture


Ideally, the very best option is to remove the problematic teeth and allow the jaw bone and gum tissue to heal for at least six months up to a year before making a denture. Most patients for various reasons will prefer to have a healing denture placed at time of extractions verses waiting several months for a denture. The intention of this form is discuss several challenges with explanations of the healing denture compared to fabricating a conventional denture following adequate healing times.

Following extraction of one or more teeth, the gum tissue and bone rapidly change. The gum tissue will begin to swell immediately after removing the natural teeth and the denture may feel “too tight” for the first couple days. When the swelling has subsided within the first two weeks, the denture will begin to feel “loose or too big”. The denture will move around and you may have a very difficult time controlling the denture as well as developing “sore spots”. THIS IS NOT AN ERROR IN FABRICATION OF THE HEALING DENTURE!! The denture material is made out of a hard plastic material and will not “reform to the natural changes of the gum tissue and bone post extraction of the teeth”. You can expect to experience continuous changes of the gum tissue and bone for the first year.

  • We recommend placing a soft lining material in the denture to compensate for the changes to the bone and tissue. This material may need to be removed and replaced throughout the year.

We have very limited control of the aesthetics and cosmetics of a healing denture. Teeth size and shape are primarily determined by size and shape of the natural remaining teeth and jaw bone relationship before extraction and physiological circumstances that varies from patient to patient. We try our best to accommodate any aesthetic concerns based on your preferences; however, please know in some cases we may be unable to meet the patient expectations in the healing denture due to physiological and functional constraints.

Examples of common concerns: patients may feel the healing denture “pushes out the upper or lower lip”, may feel the teeth are “wider/shorter/longer/thinner” than what they expected, color of plastic supporting the denture teeth may vary from natural gum tissue shade, etc…

  • Fabricating a second/conventional denture after nine months to a year will allow you more esthetic freedom and customization of the denture.

We offer and highly recommend investing in a Premium Package for patients receiving a healing denture after extractions.

The package includes the following services for a year:

An immediate healing denture placed following extractions

Refitting/Relining your healing denture/s as needed

Adjustments as need

A final conventional denture after nine months to a year of healing

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