Tell a Story with Compelling Content


The Social Dentist Tip #2: Tell a Story with Compelling Content

Dr. Ryan McCall grew his Indiana-based dental practice by engaging new and existing patients through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. In this series, The Social Dentist, Dr. McCall offers tips on how to market your dental practice using social media.

Tell a story
Far too many dental practices look the same as their competition. In order to stand out, you have to tell a compelling story. Most people want to hear from a human being, not a faceless corporate entity, so we tell stories that reflect our unique personalities and backgrounds. This approach leads to more likes and shares across social media platforms.

Some of my best stories are personal updates, like a picture of me with my 7-year-old son at our first Colts game.  He is wearing an Adam Vinatieri jersey (first ballot, Hall of fame, he will thank me later), and patients often mention it. Family is a central part of my story, just as it is at Pulpdent. If you haven’t read their story yet, then do yourself a favor and check it out (there’s even a dancing dentist which was the inspiration for the McCall  Dentures Dancing Denture Denise).

I enjoy sharing my personal interests and hobbies with my patients. I’m a sneaker-head, so I take pictures of my vintage shoes as well as old Jordans that patients wear into the office.  Knowing the difference between the Jordan 3s and the Jordan 12s has helped me develop relationships with patients who share the same passion, leading to increased business and, in some cases, gifts of shoes!

Content is King
Good content attracts new patients. Keep your content current, which means using the right format. Ten years ago pictures, I posted photos to bring in new patients, but now video is my favorite. Big companies are already “video pivoting” because it is much more effective than just photos. Facebook and Instagram both allow you to share live video online. You don’t need an expensive camera with a fancy lens – an iPhone will work just fine. There are some great apps like Canva and Boomerang for easy video editing.

Where do I get my content?  I document every case. After 10 years, I have plenty of relevant content. You can share your cases with industry websites, publications and manufacturers for increased exposure. If you are using ACTIVA BioACTIVE, then take pictures of your work and send them to Pulpdent to post on their website and social media sites.

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Dr. Ryan McCall

About Dr. Ryan McCall
Dr. Ryan D. McCall was raised in Illinois. He received his BS in Biology and Chemistry from Indiana University and dental degree from the University of Illinois School of Dentistry. He maintains private practices in Indianapolis and Lebanon, Indiana.

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