Dentures for Any Budget


At McCall Dentures we offer three different levels of dentures This allows us to work with any budget.

“So, what is the difference?”

Premium Dentures

Our handcrafted, custom made dentures are made with heat injected acrylic and processed under high pressure over a very long period of time.  The Ivobase system is our preference (Ivoclar) We think it is the highest quality material available, and by far the strongest.  It’s super light weight and substantially more durable, and we only use premium denture teeth.  Teeth that look more aesthetic and last much longer. 30 different shade choices.  The acrylic is custom stained to match the color of your natural tissue.  It is a much longer and involved process so we charge more for these dentures.

We include a five year warranty – but we hope these last  20 years.   This is our preferred denture when using dental implants.

For immediate dentures – cases where teeth are removed prior to insertion of your dentures, we will often do a package deal including a ‘C’ healing denture as your immediate.  Following adequate healing time, a new premium denture is made.

Mid Level Dentures

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Handcrafted with custom detailing this denture offers a natural look with fantastic pour acrylic.   We use incredibly strong, beautiful teeth, that last longer and look more natural.  This denture is made with high quality material – and would be considered a premium denture at any other office in Indiana.  We guarantee it with a 3 year warranty and all soft liners are included for a year of healing.  We can then reline this denture and reuse the teeth – making it your permanent solution.

Economy Dentures


Our economy denture offers a comfortable fit and an attractive look.   High quality cold pour acrylic is used in the denture process and the color of the acrylic and teeth can be adjusted.  We offer a 1 year limited warranty with these dentures. When doing large extraction cases we will typically use this denture for 6-8 months until permanent dentures could be fabricated.

Please contact us today to schedule a free consultation.  We can sit down and discuss your denture options and the best long term plan for your dental health.

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We offer affordable tooth extractions and dental implants for all of Indianapolis, Kokomo, Lebanon, Greenfield, Beach Grove, Mooresville, Fishers, West Lafayette, Merriville, Gary, Anderson, Marion, Richmond, Columbus, Terre Haute, Danville, Illinois, and many other cities!


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