3 Generations – A Story of Dentures

Last weekend I had a very unique patient in the chair.He was a typical patient for our practices - a older gentleman, who had his remaining teeth removed and replaced with immediate dentures. In a few months we'll place maxillary and mandibular Implants. My patient was a retired farmer by trade.  Born and raised four... Continue Reading →

Affordable Dental Implants

DENTAL IMPLANTS A dental implant is a titanium post similar to the material used in a total hip or knee replacement surgery.   The post is implanted into your jaw and can replace single or multiple missing teeth.  Dental implants make a wonderful difference in our patient’s lives, so naturally, we love placing them! At... Continue Reading →

Partial Dentures: What are my options?

Did you know we make our own partial dentures in our Indianapolis Dental Laboratory? Partial Dentures are a wonderful way to replace one or a few missing teeth, especially for those who can't afford more costly dental implants! At McCall Dentures you have three good options: 1. Cast Metal Partial Dentures Most conventional partial dentures... Continue Reading →

5 Qualities of a Good Dentures Dentist

Most dentists dislike doing dentures We love them Here is a list of the top 5 qualities that help us make your denture experience perfect. 1. We're Good at Storytelling Telling a story helps us relate to our patients and establishes a common connection early on during the denture process.   This builds trust, and breaks... Continue Reading →

Full Dentures: What to Expect

It can be overwhelming when you hear that you need full dentures. You probably aren’t sure what to expect from your dentist, and that's understandable.  Rest assured, at McCall Dentures our staff take pride in creating a warm, friendly environment paired with a gentle, professional approach to dentistry.  We strive to be the top rated... Continue Reading →

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